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This is a privately run Hubzilla instance.

To use this Hubzilla instance you have to abide by these simple rules:

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, hate speech, threats, personal attacks and discrimination. Your account, including all channels you control will be terminated immediately on breach of these rules.
  • While we're not so prudent that nudity or even mild forms of pornography is banned, we will strike down hard on child pornography or graphic portrayals of minors! Your rights to use this Hubzilla instance will be revoked immediately on breach.
  • We also do not tolerate spam! Again your account will be terminated.
  • Do not upload or post content that you have no rights to. I.e copyrighted content or photos, videos etc of individuals who has not given their consent. This does not prevent you from linking to such content, as long as it is clear that this content is hosted somewhere else. To clarify further, linking to a video hosted on vimeo, or music on soundcloud is ok, content on a piracy site is not ok.
  • When posting news content or content made off-site, make it clear that this is created by an external provider. A link to the original content or a citation will do fine.
  • Please consider tagging graphic content, pornography etc using the #nsfw tag.
  • You are alone responsible for the content you publish. Neither the Volse Hubzilla administrators, nor it's moderators can be held responsible for content published by any of its users.

In short: don't be an asshole!