Description: Volse Hub admin
About: Metallhue, programmerer og hedning. Initiativtager og primus motor i Norsk Urskog, vokalist og bassist i thrash metal-orkesteret Imbalance, bassist i Blastered, tilhenger av fri programvare, opptatt av datasikkerhet (CISSP) og personvern. Metalhead, programmer and pagan. Initiator and main force of Norsk Urskog, vocalist and bass player in the thrash metal band Imbalance, bass player of Blastered, supporter of free software, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and keen privacy advocate.
Description: Short Horror films
About: A channel for promoting horror short films found around the web. This started off as simply a mirror of my similarly named channel on vimeo, but as the rss-feed didn't translate all thet well into proper posts, I decided to start doing more proper posts instead. These are some of my favourites, I hope you will enjoy them as well.
Location: Norwaynternet
Keywords: music
Description: Music Videos that goes a bit outside of the ordinary stuff
Location: Norway
Hometown: Oslo
Age: 40
Location: Norway
Hometown: Kolsås
Description: Marketing Specialist
About: David is a Staff Author at FieldEngineer, a Freelance Marketplace for Field Engineers On-Demand. Telecom workforce, ranging from field engineers, Cyber Security Engineer, Computer Network Technician, high-level Network Security Engineer, project managers and Network Architects in 146 countries. He is an Electrical and Electronics engineer from JNTU. David understands the ongoing technology and keeps it updated in the field of technology.
Description: Internut
Age: 48
Location: Buskerud, Norway
Hometown: Drammen
Keywords: Sailing, music, books, food, language
About: Internut
Description: Norwegian Underground Metal Sampler
Location: Norway
About: A volunteer project to support and promote Norwegian underground metal bands. We produce a CD sampler distributed at the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway - and also at other festivals, concerts and venues where we happen to drop by.
Description: Dette er noe jeg prøver ut
Age: 3
Location: Vestfold, Norway
Description: Technical Thrash/Death Metal from Norway
Location: Norway
Hometown: Kongsberg/Oslo
About: Five guys with long experience from the extreme metal underground scene in Norway come together to play fast, fun and aggressive metal.
Description: Nissepønk fra Helvete
Location: Nordpolen
Keywords: nisse, pønk, punk, jul, christmas, xmas
About: Velstandsfanden er et lite og intimt pønkorkester. I år har vi satt oss fore å forpeste jula. Du er selvsagt invitert!
Location: Norge
Hometown: Trondheim
Description: Classical Philologist, Poet, Pagan
Age: 46
Location: Thy, Danmark
Hometown: Thorsted (Thy, Danmark)
About: Danish classicist, poet, pagan, parent, and more
Description: Eg ser på innhald
Description: Mjød og bryggeprosjekter fra Numedalslågens bredder
Location: Numedalen, Norway
Keywords: mjød, brygging, øl, mead, brewing, beer
About: Innimellom så brygges det langs Numedalslågens bredder. For det meste brygger vi mjød, men det brygges også øl, og en skjelden gang prøver vi oss kanskje på en vin også.
Description: Bloom Book Club is for all book lovers, everywhere.
About: Bloom Book Club is for all book lovers, everywhere. Bloom Book Club is named after author James Joyce's character Leopold Bloom in the novel Ulysses.
Description: Lumberjack
Description: Tegninger av Haakon Meland Eriksen
Location: Norge/Norway
Hometown: Drammen
About: Hei, jeg heter Haakon. Jeg tegner litt.