Beskrivelse: Marketing Specialist
Om: David is a Staff Author at FieldEngineer, a Freelance Marketplace for Field Engineers On-Demand. Telecom workforce, ranging from field engineers, Cyber Security Engineer, Computer Network Technician, high-level Network Security Engineer, project managers and Network  Architects in 146 countries. He is an Electrical and Electronics engineer  from JNTU. David understands the ongoing technology and keeps it updated in the field of technology.
Plassering: Norway
Hjemby: Kolsås
Plassering: Norway
Hjemby: Oslo
Beskrivelse: Music Videos that goes a bit outside of the ordinary stuff
Plassering: Norwaynternet
Nøkkelord: music
Beskrivelse: Short Horror films
Nøkkelord: horror, film, shortfilm
Om: A mirror of my Vimeo channel with the same name. Short horrors in all varieties, from the bleak and dark, to the light and funny.
Beskrivelse: Volse Hub admin
Nøkkelord: metal, pagan, programmer, musician
Om: Metallhue, programmerer og hedning. Initiativtager og primus motor i Norsk Urskog, vokalist og bassist i thrash metal-orkesteret Imbalance, bassist i Blastered, tilhenger av fri programvare, opptatt av sikkerhet og personvern.

Metalhead, programmer and pagan. Initiator and main force of Norsk Urskog, vocalist and bass player in the thrash metal band Imbalance, bass player of Blastered, supporter of free software, dabbler in security and privacy.