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New blog post: How to implement a basic ActivityPub server
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102% to fund #PeerTube v1. Y'all are wonderful crazy people: THANK YOU! Now we have 12 days left to realize our most crazy dreams for PeerTube:

La v1 de #PeeerTube financée à 102%. Vous êtes des dingues, vous êtes magnifiques : MERCI ! Maintenant, il nous reste 12 jours pour réaliser nos rêves les plus fous pour PeerTube :

With 13 days to go, PeerTube has reached 92% of it's funding goal of €20.000 for finishing up the work on version 1. Spread the word and get more people to chip in. Perhaps they can reach some of the stretch goals too!

#peertube #joinpeertube #crowdfunding #floss
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awesome :)
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Rosemary - I KNOW

Rosemary "I KNOW"
by casper balslev on Vimeo

I love the decadence and the characters of this one.

#rosemary #musicvideo #weird
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Follow @Jakobu or @Katharsisdrill for more great art!
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Torsdag 31. mai saksøkte Lovdata to av personene som har jobbet med Lovdata mener er ulovlig og Oslo Byfogdembede fattet raskt en kjennelse i tråd med Lovdatas påstander.

« ble stengt på under 24 timer, kun basert på Lovdatas påstander. Det er et grunnleggende prinsipp at begge sider i en sak skal høres, og terskelen for å stenge nettsted bør være svært høy i Norge», sier Håkon Wium Lie, en av deltagerne i dugnadsprosjektet. «Vi ble også idømt saksomkostninger på over hundretusen kroner. Uten at vi fikk forklare oss.»

English information here:

#norsk #samfunn #rettspraksis
Veldig interessant. Takk for lenke.
Bare hyggelig!


Röyksopp 'This Must Be It'
by Röyksopp on Vimeo

As this is one of my favourite music videos of all time, I thought it would be a great introduction to the new forum/group I created, @Slightly Weird Music Videos . You should be able to follow it on #diaspora, #activitypub, #gnusocial / #quitter and of course #hubzilla at

!Slightly Weird Music Videos

#röyksopp #musicvideo #weird

Hoi there!

I've been collecting #horror #short #films for a while at Vimeo, and I've created a new channel to pass them on to the federated universe. If you want the occasional #horrorshort in your feed, please follow @Harald's Favourite Horror Shorts ( AFAIK it should work to follow it from #Diaspora, #ActivityPub and #GnuSocial / #Quitter as well as #hubzilla of course. If you see this and are not able to follow it, let me know.

Since the feed only seems to pick up new additions, I'll probably be reposting some of the older ones manually every now and again.

Midt i denne utviklingen finner vi Norge. Som uttalt ser på regionen Midtøsten som et fremvoksende marked for norsk krigsindustri, til tross for at vi har retningslinjer som sier vi ikke skal eksportere til ustabile regioner. Som har som sine største kunder, to av Midtøstens diktaturer, Oman og Qatar.

Dette forsvarer regjeringen med intet mer enn løfter om at «vi gjør vurderinger» og mantraet om at «Norge har verdens strengeste eksportkontroll». Hva det betyr når norsk krigsmateriell går til autoritære regimer, aner vi ikke.

Godt plassert i krigsindustriens utstillingsvindu bør vi likevel spørre oss om nachspillet tåler dagens lys. Vi må spørre oss om vi ønsker å bygge norske arbeidsplasser på å styrke autoritære regimers militære kapasitet

#norsk #samfunn #politikk

From the Blender blog:

Since a few days all Blender videos on the OFFICIAL BLENDER CHANNEL have been blocked worldwide without explanation. We are working with YouTube to resolve the issue, but the support has been less than stellar. In the meantime you can find most of the videos on

With our channel reaching > 100k subscribers, we have special priority support. So we contacted them to ask what was wrong. After a couple of mails back and forth, the reply was as follows (22 dec 2017):

Thanks for your continued support and patience.

I’ve received an update from our experts stating that you need to enable ads for your video. Once you enable, your video will be available in the USA.

(My emphasis)

If this isn't proof that we need something like PeerTube, nothing is. Actually I can understand that a commercial enterprise like Google don't want a hugely popular channel to not generate any income for them, but then don't pretend to be a free service.

#joinpeertube #peertube #youtube
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non-standard decision to not monetize a popular Youtube channel


"You mean like... some make a video and doesn't want money for it? I don't get it. Rick, could we please go through it again please?"

Meanwhile managers start jumping out the windows. Someone is eating a lot of views with their videos but those views aren't generating any money.
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That's probably what's causing the delays.
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next thing we know Cats and Dogs will get along.. ha ha

Yesterday we woke up to an annoying beeping sound, which happened to come from the smoke detectors in our house. One of the phones had been charging over night, and had started to catch fire in the early morning. Luckily we woke up, and also that my girlfriend is way more capable than me of thinking clearly at that time of day. The burning phone was thrown out of the house, and apart from some second degree burns on her fingers, we and the house came away unharmed.


It could have gone much worse, though. So a warning to everyone: Electricity is a powerful force, and battery technology is never going to be 100% safe. Be careful about charging phones, laptops or pads over night, and always pull on the plug and not the cord when unplugging electrical equipment. Replace cords that seems shaky, and if your mobile has a habit of getting really hot when you charge it, have a qualified service person look at it. Better one time too much than one too few.

Yeah, and make sure you have working smoke detectors! Check them regularly.

#HomeSafety #mobile #fire
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I've had a car charger short out my old phone before. Filled the car with electric smoke as we were driving and killed the usb port in the car. Not sure where the initial fault was, but that was a mess.
  sist endret: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 06:45:30 +0200  
Ouch, the fumes in these things and the smoke are often worse than the fire. :frowning:
@Aph0t1c That sounds bad, the smoke can kill on it's own, if you don't crash the car first. Good that you're still here and can tell us about it!

New video from Big City, featuring Daniel Olaisen better known for his work in Blood Red Throne. Catchy tune!

#heavymetal #metal
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Plantefarging med navlelavlav
I fjor fikk jeg et glass med navlelav (Umbilicaria hyperborea) av ei venninne som hadde litt til overs.
Utpå våren i år fikk jeg endelig fylt glasset med vann og salmiakk og satt det i vinduet til "modning".
Etter ca en måned i vinduskarmen silte jeg innholdet over i ei gryte og puttet i noen hesper med beisa ullgarn (ca 50 g).
Det skal ikke være nødvendig å beise før farging, men det var nå det garnet jeg hadde.
Etter å ha blitt varmet opp til ca 80 grader, ble garnet kjølt ned til håndtemperatur og skylt godt.
Halvparten av garnet fikk litt eddik i siste skyllevann og ble vesentlig gulere i fargen.
Jeg tok vare på fargesuppa, og to dager senere farget jeg på nytt.
Jeg tilsatte litt mer vann og salmiakk for at fargesuppa skulle dekke garnet (ca 50 g).
Jeg brukte litt eddik i siste skyllevann på halvparten av garnet nå også.
Morsomt prosjekt!
Jeg har forøvrig fylt opp igjen glasset med den brukte laven og ny runde vann og salmiakk.
Det blir spennende å se hvor mye, og hva slags farge som kan komme ut av runde to ;)




The daughter of some friends of mine perfoming at the UKM Buskerud earlier this year. Great to see youth with this much talent!

#UKM #buskerud #norge #music #cover #bonjovi
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«In 1993, John Gilmore famously said that "The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." That was technically true when he said it but only because the routing structure of the Internet was so distributed. As centralization increases, the Internet loses that robustness, and censorship by governments and companies becomes easier.»

If you're a parent, you should definitely watch this. Don't post pictures of your children (or anybody else who has not given their consent for you to do so) on social media or the internet.

#privacy #socialmedia #children #consent
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Better Blocker’s HTTP Archive (HAR) collection now available over DAT

Our evolving collection of HAR files from our web crawls in search of trackers is now available over DAT for researchers and anyone else who’s interested under Creative Commons ShareAlike license:

DAT link:


Please do let me know how you get on if you have a play with it.


Det er fett å se at ungdommen plukker opp igjen pønken, og især når det blir så fett som dette!

#pønk #norge #oslo #ånon