Harald Eilertsen

Interesting talk, both from the perspective of a defence attorney and a police officer.

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This can save your bacon, but the only trick to this is that you have to be willing to spend a couple nights in jail.

Totally worth if for me. Saved me $15,000.

The rosenbridge backdoor is a small, non-x86 core embedded alongside the main x86 core in the CPU. It is enabled by a model-specific-register control bit, and then toggled with a launch-instruction. The embedded core is then fed commands, wrapped in a specially formatted x86 instruction. The core executes these commands (which we call the 'deeply embedded instruction set'), bypassing all memory protections and privilege checks.

Seems to only affect a small number of cpus from VIA, but still interesting research.

#security #backdoor #cpu #hardware #x86

Første film er annonsert til årets skumleste filmfestival - Ramaskrik. Filmen vi kan glede oss til er Mandy.

#ramaskrik #skrekkfilm #horror

Finally some clouds, for the first time in weeks! Theres some Thunder in the distance in the south, and just now the first drops starts falling... Never thought I'd come to miss the rain in Norway.


#rain #weather #norway #draught
Normally they don't, but this year has been different. Ground water is extremely low, rivers are drying up, and the forests already have had fall colours for several weeks. The farmers have been struggling here too, and most have just used what otherwise would have been the harvest of the year for food for the animals. But now the rain is here, hopefully it will be more normal going forward.
Yup, also had our share of drought in the past months and rainfall today here in the Netherlands. Not nearly enough to make up for it, but it's better than nothing. And as an added bonus the temperature dropped to a comfortable 24-ish degrees Celsius instead of the 30 we had tonight.
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Haha, I know that I am late for the party, but I have been panicking too. It feels incredibly wrong with no water in Scandinavia. We are indeed pathetic wimps when it comes to droughts, but it seems rather dramatic that the milk-cows are being slaughtered here in Denmark to at least get the meat-prize out of them. Eco-milk will be expensive the next year.

Trappistøl er laget av munker i trappistordenen under strenge reguleringer. Med ujevne mellomrom byr dominikanermunken Haavar Nilsen, og Inga Eidsvåg fra Aja bryggeri på trappistølsmaking i Oslo.

Pokker, dette gikk jeg glipp av!

#øl #trappist #brygging #religion

Hoi again !Hubzilla Support Forum

Just wondering how big should I expect my db to be? For my hub with essentially two active users, it has now crossed 1.3GB, and does not seem to slow down. I have enabled pretty much all the federation protocols (Diaspora, ActivityPub and OStatus) in addition to Zot, of course. So I expect that it will be fairly large. However, I've also set that imported posts should expire after 14 days by default. I understand that each use case is different, but if anyone has a rough ballpark estimate of how big a "normal" install database should be, that would be helpful.

Also, does the db grow significantly for each added user?

In all cases it is to be expected that the first posts will be deleted at least after 36 days. For my part I am alone and my base stagnates at 1.4Gb.
I have 46 diaspora contacts, 23 Hubzilla contacts, 27 mastodon contacts plus a few more.
@Anthony Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it for a while longer then...
@Harald Eilertsen

This sql query tells me which posts will be deleted in the next few days :

SELECT DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE, `changed`) AS age,id,changed FROM `item` WHERE DATEDIFF( CURRENT_DATE, `changed` )>30 AND `item_pending_remove`=1 ORDER BY age DESC  

For me the maximum "age" is 36 days.

Dear !Hubzilla Support Forum

Is there a way to mention people in a conversation, even if I'm not connected with them?

Often times when writing a comment, it would be nice to direct a response directly at one of the other participants in the thread, but I have not found a way to do this unless I'm already connected with them.
@Mario Vavti Sannelig! (As we say in Norway.) I just tried in a different thread and it didn't seem to work, but now it did! Thanks a lot :)
This is actually possible since version 3.6

Nice feature! Thanks, @Mario Vavti
JB CarrollJB Carroll skrev følgende innlegg Tue, 24 Jul 2018 02:47:37 +0200

But muh free speech!

PSA. I've been getting a lot of nazi posts in my feed lately, complaining that pods are banning them for their hate speech. Again, they complain under the guise of #freespeech.

Pods are not governments! They are privately held entities and admins can do what they wish with banning users. You're free to spew hate speech on some other media (or whatever), but that doesn't mean anyone here has to host your BS online or listen to what you say.

via xkcd:

vis full størrelse

Mario VavtiMario Vavti skrev følgende innlegg Wed, 25 Jul 2018 10:37:47 +0200
Hubzilla 3.6 Released!
The most notable change in the Hubzilla 3.6 release is probably the refactoring of the various activity filter/order options. Basically we got rid of the network tabs and replaced the functionality with two new widgets in left aside - activity_order and activity_filter. The order widget takes care of the various order possibilities - by commented date  (default), by posted date, by date unthreaded. The selected order is saved in the config and thus persistent.
The new filter widget displays all enabled filter options (privacy groups, personal posts, starred posts, forums etc.) in one widget. A new filter by contactname feature has been added and the notifications for unseen forum posts are now displayed in the notification widget. The privacy group management has been moved to the the panel chanel menu (your profile photo in the panel) and the management tool has been refactored.
The tags/mentions have been refactored and you will notice that the appearence of autofilled @mentions in the post editor look better readable now @{} instead of @channelname+365 before the change.
The cart addon has received major updates and has now support for paypal payments with automated fulfillment options (add buyer as contact, add buyer to privacy group and for admins only - change service class). A new gallery addon has been introduced to provide visitors of your channel a possibility to comfortably browse through your photo albums.

Other notable changes:

  • Webpage menus are now editable by visitors with webpage write permissions
  • Improve new channel creation workflow
  • Implement reset button for the post editor
  • Provide a general purpose GDPR document
  • Implement messagefilter for pubstream and sourced messages
  • Add supported federation protocols to siteinfo
  • Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts

A big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

To update an existing installation (installed via git) please execute util/udall from your Hubzilla webroot.
Please note that the source code has moved from to See this announcement for how to point your git repository to the new location if you have not done so yet.
If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master your core, addon and widget repositories before the update.

Please consider to support this project:

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Viking-age smiths used the process known as riving to reduce a tree trunk to planks or to other useful articles. Rather than sawing the wood, they split it. As a result, the grain of the wood follows the piece being fabricated, creating a much stronger item than if it had been sawn. It's one of several reasons why thin-hulled Viking ships could withstand the rough seas of the North Atlantic. The process repeatedly splits the log, first into halves, then quarters, then eighths

#crafts #history #VikingAge

Dear !Hubzilla Support Forum

I'm playing around with the web-page functionality in Hubzilla, and think I'm beginning to get most of the pieces to fit together. Is there any way to have a block refer to (or include if you will) another block?

I have tried making a block using the commanche layout language, and in it I tried refering to another block, like this:


But that only produces the above text in the block on the web page, not the contents of otherblock, as I was hoping.

Is this not supported, or am I just doing it wrong?
Ok, thanks for the response, though.
A few times I've wanted the ability to include some pre-written content in other contexts, but haven't done anything about it. One could store "snippets" in pconfig storage and possibly call them in during block rendering. You're welcome to investigate.
Maybe I will. I'll try to get a full grasp of what I can do with the stuff already in place first, though.

I came across this video very much by accident, while looking for something else. Found it cool though, reminds me a bit about the early Norwegian rock bands like Høst, Folque, Veslefrikk and similar, though Bad Madam definitely has their own sound and vibe to it.

Bad Madam
by Tumblewine Films on Vimeo

#norsk #rock #norwegian skrev følgende innlegg Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:45:20 +0200
If you're fed up of #Amazon's tax dodging, poor working conditions and data gathering, here are some book-themed ethical alternatives on #PrimeDay:

#Books #eBooks #Kindle #Goodreads #DeleteAmazon #DeleteKindle #AmazonStrike #Alternatives #Privacy

Almedalsuken på Gotland skulle være en oppvisning i demokrati. I stedet fikk Den Nordiske Motstandsbevegelsen drive meningssensur ved hjelp av vold og trusler.
Jeg har sett programmet brennpunkt om den nordiske motstandsbevegelsen og ble språkløs over hvordan de ser skandinavia og seg selv. Det verste er at man i grunnen ikke kan gjøre så mye med dem siden de er fanget i denne ideologiske boblen og ikke én gang vil kikke utefor den. Trist..
Så det samme programmet. Selv om vi ikke kan gjøre så mye for de som allerede er fanget i boblen sin, trenger vi ikke å gi dem plass til å utfolde seg heller. Det at politiet har sett det som sin oppgave å hindre konfrontasjon mot disse forkvaklede individene plasserer dem desverre på feil side, og som Jon Færseth sier, gjør at de hindrer andre å delta i det politiske ordskiftet. Vi så det samme i Kristiansand, da det var de som gjorde passiv motstand mot nazistene som ble arresterte...

Anbefaler også dokumentarene fra Deeyah Kahn, som jeg tror er tilgjengelige på NRK enda.
Värdet i de digitala företagen är inte en produkt eller ens en tjänst, värdet är data från dig och mig, och den som vet mest och kan använda det snabbast är den som blir giganten som andra måste förhålla sig till.

Det enda sättet att göra vinst i framtiden är genom monopol och kontroll.

#internett #monopol #kontroll #personvern

Erik HjärtbergErik Hjärtberg skrev følgende innlegg Sun, 15 Jul 2018 04:38:10 +0200
Vilket monopol kommer äga din bil – och dig?

Yesterday lightning struck and caused a forest fire on the hill across the valley from where I live. Today they came and extinguished it with a helicopter. Never seen that happen in real life before. Wish I had a better camera though!



I didn't manage to get the camera ready before they already had gone one round of extinguishing. That's why there's not much smoke left on these images. Still they flew several rounds more, down to the river in the bottom of the valley, between my place and the fire.


 Fire  Nature
Don't think there ever was any danger to any homes or cabins, or they wouldn't have let it burn for that long. Dense forest up there.
I like this one better than the burned phone some weeks ago ;)
Yeah, that was way scarier!


by Henry K. Norvalls on Vimeo

I'm not going to spoil it for you. Enjoy!
Björn SchießleBjörn Schießle skrev følgende innlegg Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:00:05 +0200
freedomboxfndn wrote: You: Why should users insist on using fully free and open source software on their devices?Us: If you can't see the code, you can't trust the device.You: Prove it.Us: Chinese phone cameras self-activate with certain apps (e.g. browsers & chat apps).

From Petter Reinholdtsen's blog:

This new script uses GStreamer instead of VLC to capture the desktop and stream it to Kodi. This fixed the video quality issue I saw initially. It further removes the need to add a m3u file on the Kodi machine, as it instead connects to the JSON-RPC API in Kodi and simply ask Kodi to play from the stream created using GStreamer.