Frank Aerror


  sist endret: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 01:05:46 +0200  
I don't think that it is correlated and maybe it's just an irrational feeling but to me it seems like once #mastodon became so popular, the bot/spam activity in the whole #federated network increased noticeable. I wonder how we can fight this issue with FFF (tm) (full federated force]? \m/
But still: #federation rocks (though #p2p next logical step :)
I think it's inevitable that a larger user base will make any system or protocol more attractive to spammers. And I hope we as a community will find ways to deal with it as needed.

As for federation vs p2p, I think a healthy mix will always be the best solution. See for example how PeerTube is combining the two for a really powerful mix imo.
I'm so glad you introduced me to hz and offered me to camp on your hub. Thank you!
That's great to hear! Hopefully I'll get some more people on here soon too... :)